Sandponics - Aquaponics Controller Timer

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Product Overview


There are a lot of timers and controllers available, however there are key design limitations that make most of them unsuitable for Aquaponics / Sandponics. Cycle timers, for example, do not allow different schedules between day and night. Likewise most irrigation timers do not allow you to control your devices (pump or valves)  for enough events. Some timers may have enough events but are not be designed to control multiple devices. such as turning one valve off and another one on, as well as a pump.

Leaving the pump on 

Water flow in aquaponic sandponic systems is often controlled by turning the pump on and off for a specified periods of time. This is very hard on the pump and will result in a significant reduction of your pump's service life. It is much better to leave the pump running all the time and control output using valves. This requires that the controller turn on and off multiple valves,  something not generally provided for with standard timers / controllers. 


  • 16 events (on/offs) per day
  • Activates up to 4 devices (valves or pumps) per event
  • Compatible with gravity feed vales
  • Waterproof enclosure
  • Manual button to turn on without the timer
  • 10 ft Electrical Cord (15 ft optional)
  • Device shielded wiring 6 ft (up to 20 ft Optional)


  • 15 amps 
  • DC compatible voltages 12v and 24v
  • AC compatible voltages 110v and 220v
  • All device voltages must match the controller's voltage

Does Not Include

Valves or other Devices to be turned on and off