Aquaponics Floating Seedling Tray (for large seedling plugs)

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Product Overview

This tray is the traditional 10" X 20" size. It has 55 holes for the larger size seedling plugs. These are designed for plugs which will be transplanted into 2" Net Pots. The other tray is for the smaller plugs used in Beaver dwc rafts.

Shipping is extra for this item because of its size/weight ratio.

No Seedling Starting Area Needed

You don't have to have an additional area for starting seeds with these trays. Loaded with plugs they sink 1/4" into the water to wick up nutrients and water. Since germination does not require light, you can place them in your fish tank to help insulate the tank. They don't use valuable growing space, yet have access to the same nutrients and water your plants need. 
They can also be placed a one end of your media beds. Whenever the media bed floods the seedling plugs are automatically watered.
When seeds germinate just remove them from the tray and transplant them into 2" Net Pots

This does not include any plugs!