5ft Tall Grow Towers Kit

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Product Overview

This package includes:

  • Marking Template
  • The quantity of tower kits selected (Because of pump volume through the caps, we recommend at least 2 towers)
  • A Full Quick Mount Assembly and pockets to match the number of plants per tower selected. 

Number of Plants per tower

1 plant per row = 8 Gropockets per tower
Alternating 1 plant per row then 2 plants per row = 14 plants per tower
2 plants per row = 18 Gropockets per tower.
The most common selection is the alternating or Tic Tac Toe which has 8 pockets. It is a good choice if you are planting greens or lettuce which are medium sized. Smaller plants like strawberries can be planted 2 plants per row.
You can mix towers with different numbers of plants per tower.

This kit does not include the pipe itself.

You must buy that locally at a hardware, irrigation supply, home improvement or similar store. You will also need to cut the pipe and drill holes in it before the pockets can be glued on. Please check out the "How to make a Garden Tower" video by Murray Hallam under Learn More.